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XFaces is a set of custom JSF components that augments the standard set of JSF components making it easier to control form layout, organize data in a manner that is easy for a user to navigate and understand, and achieve a desired appearance.

Form Layout

The x:table, x:body, x:header, x:footer, x:row, x:column, and x:heading, tags give a developer precise control over form layout that is not possible with the standard panelGrid and panelGroup components. A developer can easily create a complex layout such as the address form shown in Example 1. The JSF markup for the address form is shown in Listing 1.

Street 1
Street 2
City State
Suite ZIP
Example 1 - Address Form

Data Organization

The x:notebook and x:tabLabel tags allow the developer to create pages with tabbed panels providing the user with a means to quickly navigate to the desired information. The x:fieldSet and x:legend tags allows the developer to create field sets such as the gender form in Example 2. The JSF markup used to create the gender form is shown in Listing 2.

Not Sure
Example 2 - Gender Form


The x:border tag renders a complex border made up of 8 image files, one for each side and corner of the border. The developer can specify the path for finding the border images and thereby control the appearance. The XFaces support package includes four examples of border bitmaps. The x:hrule tag renders a horizontal rule line.


Documentation for the XFaces tag library and API is available online and as part of the source distribution.


The following downloads are available.
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