C++ Products

libCx The Xavax C++ Library is a collection of classes that provide the infrastructure needed by most medium to large applications including classes to manage class metadata, strings, and message catalogs, classes to format output, and a variety of containers.
XTrace XTrace allows C++ developers to include trace and debug statements that can be enabled or disabled at runtime.

Java Server Faces Products

XFaces XFaces is a set of custom JSF components that augments the standard set of JSF components.

Persistence Products

XStore XStore is a persistence framework that allows objects to be persisted in a relational database using an application programming interface similar to that of object-oriented database management systems.
Xodb Xodb is a lightweight object-oriented database for applications that require object persistence in a minimal memory footprint and do not require advanced query support.

Product News

The Xavax WebLog contains the latest news on product development.
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