Xavax C++ Library

The Xavax C++ Library (libCx) provides facilities which are useful for most C++ applications and the infrastructure necessary for large applications.

A variety of containers are provided to store objects by reference or by value. The containers provided are: single-linked lists, double-linked lists, and a balanced binary tree. Iterators for const and mutable forms of each container are provided.
A text formatting mechanism is provided which is similar to the classic printf. The formatter supports a variable number of parameters which are converted to Variants allowing the formatting process to be type safe. To improve efficiency, a format string can be compiled in advance.
Message Catalogs
Message catalogs support internationalization of applications by allowing literal strings to be extracted into a catalog which can be specified at runtime.
Resource Management
Base classes are provided to manage bitmaps and simplify the implementation of reference counting and smart pointers.
A String class automatically manages the memory required to store the string value. Operators are defined to simplify operations such as string comparison, concatenation, insertion, and replacement. A hashed string is also provided.
Type Metadata
A type metadata mechanism provides runtime type information such as the name, type, and offset of class or structure members. This mechanism is used by XTrace to automate object tracing, and can also be used to simplify object to relational mapping and network marshalling code.


Documentation for libCx is currently available online.

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